Founded in 1985, Alualpha was born as part of a pioneer company in the manufacture of aluminum windows founded in the 1960s. Due to its dynamism and knowledge of the sector, it quickly became a national leader in this area.

In order to be able to respond to the emerging needs in the specific hardware sector for aluminum frames, the company started manufacturing these hardware as a complement to aluminum frames.

However, in order to be able to respond effectively to market needs, investments were made, both in equipment and in new facilities at Terrugem.

Due to its technical knowledge, determination, creativity and innovation, Alualpha has autonomized itself from this activity.

In 2011 Alualpha renewed its corporate and visual image, creating a new logo, in order to position itself as a global company with its customers and stakeholders.


Alualpha has always worked under the “Alpha” brand, seeking to position itself as a reference brand in the market, which conveys a new, innovative and creative image full of new ideas, in a solid and global way of all markets with a strong export profile.


At Alualpha we have as one of the main objectives, through the constant development of the sector, to understand and consistently reach the expectations of the customers, and to identify new business areas, proceeding with a permanent technological update.

It is an integral part of Alualpha’s Quality Policy to ensure the continuous improvement of our products and services, the efficiency of processes and product quality and the sustainable development of its activities, being the permanent objective of everyone in the company in order to obtain the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders.


In its quality policy, Alualpha assumes the practice and values ​​that take into account the preservation of the environment and the appropriate setting of the context in a sustainable way. In this way, it seeks to minimize the impact of its activity, products and services through the continuous improvement of processes, with the main objectives in this area, reducing consumption, recycling and reuse of the waste produced.

Alualpha Today

Today, Alualpha is a family business with solid roots and an ambition for permanent progress, constituted as a limited company with a capital of 2 million euros that directly employs more than 100 workers and with a turnover of around 11 million euros.

Located in the municipality of Sintra, 38 km from Lisbon, it has modern facilities with about 30,000 m of which 7,000 meters are covered and will soon be 12,000 meters.

Alualpha, following the modernization and rationalization carried out with significant investments made in 2019, is creating the conditions to prepare its future having as one of its main objectives to create a medium and long term value, in order to be prepared for change and face new challenges.


Considering that the new development is inserted in an increasingly global market, we intend to distribute our sales in a balanced way all over the world in order to reduce dependencies.

On the other hand, it sought to develop a significant amount of products that can meet the needs and expectations of different markets.

According to this policy, Alualpha has had a continuous evolution in the national market .. always with the best solutions.


Seeking to maintain a competitive advantage in the medium and long term, we ensure a capacity and determination to innovate, obtaining continuous improvements of our products in order to be able to provide our customers with consistent and sustainable products, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and service.

In order to achieve these objectives, we constantly keep an investment in research and development in order to be able to guarantee through our Technical and Development through its ability to create and innovate, an important presence in the markets where it operates.


Seeking to meet what the Alpha brand represents, Alualpha, through a dynamic product that involves research and development, has a design with current concern, keeping in mind that functional, aesthetic and qualitative aspects of its products are compatible with the user, while being modern and attractive.